it starts with a seed

born from earth

No two seeds are exactly the same, we use this biological diversity to our advantage by targeting desirable traits and eliminating undesirable ones. Our genetics feature strains from phenotype hunts we conduct in our cloning lab where we painstakingly grow and test seeds in search of the ideal mother plant. 

into the mother room

Once selected we keep mother plants alive for 12-18months and take clones to feed our grow rooms, these cuttings are genetically identical to the source plant. Eventually the mother plants will reach end of life and are then refreshed with new clones, effectively creating an exact “GEN 2” copy.


growing is scence

And we treat it that way. From our grow medium, our nutrient regime and our environmental, we are in control of everything from the start. Our plants are grown in coconut husk which is a renewable and biodegradable medium that allows us to deliver our custom made nutrient (we mix our plant feed on site) several times daily without any risk of overwatering. 

in house drip

We use an in-house drip irrigation system which is fed by a customized fertigation system that enables robust data collection and total control of nutrient delivery. Finally we control the environment, not only the heating, cooling and dehumidification but also the air filtration (HEPA, carbon & UV) and de-stratification. 

couple this level of control along with our space age
lighting system, dedicated clean room & facility hygiene protocols &

you’ve got a




break-free of thc

Far too often commercial growers fall into a numbers game that results in very similar strains that all seem to smell the same. We focus on taste, terpenes and effect rather than THC & yield which leads to a more diverse and enjoyable flower selection. 

You’ll find old school staples like Maui Wowie, L.A. Confidential, Acapulco Gold & more gracing our lineup along with award winning new cultivars from top breeders.

as the saying goes

"the nose knows"

and everyone is different, finding strains that work for your unique cannabinoid receptors is a journey. let's go on it together.