Symponia means compassionate in ancient Greek and we live it every day. Our farm is owned by service disabled Veterans who believe in providing a better and safer alternative to traditional prescription medication for our patients. We believe in doing things differently; we design in house, we build in house, we grow in house, and we do it the right way. Doing it right means we make the best quality product and we do it consistently, providing exactly what our customers need and expect, every single time.

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Menu & Pricing

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Symponia Farms produces only the highest quality flower & concentrates in our brand new, high tech, custom built, indoor grow, processing & provisioning facility, located in Battle Creek, Michigan. We are a Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business, locally owned and operated.
**Wholesale Cannabis Flower and Concentrates for State Licensed Medical and Adult Use License holders only.

Wholesale Cannabis Flower and Concentrates

Located on Harmonia Road in Battle Creek Michigan our facility consists of Growing, Processing and Provisioning for Medical Cannabis Patients  and Adults 21 years or older.

We are open Monday-Saturday from 1100-2200 and Sunday 1200-1800

1140 Harmonia Rd. Battle Creek, MI 49037

(269) 883-6383

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Grow Facility

All of our flower is expertly grown, carefully harvested, meticulously trimmed, and then slowly dried & cured before it gets tested for State compliance.

Our Wholesale Cannabis Flower and Concentrates are available for State licensed  Processors & Provisioning Centers, see our LeafLink menu below or contact us for a menu directly


Solvent-less Extraction – Live Rosin, Flower Rosin, Bubble Hash and more

Zero chemicals, zero hazardous material, the freshest flower, chopped down in our grow facility and immediately frozen and processed for your enjoyment.

Our products are available for State licensed  Processors & Provisioning Centers, see our LeafLink menu here:

Menu & Pricing


Our Process

  • We wash our fresh frozen flower with Reverse Osmosis water and purified ice in food grade stainless steel vessels and isolate the trichomes using fine filters and water.
  • Once collected from the filters the bubble hash is scooped onto trays and placed into our freeze dryer to remove all of the water absorbed during the wash process.
  • Bubble hash can be used in many ways, it is a highly concentrated form of cannabis with THC levels reaching above 70%. It is also considered a full spectrum extract as it retains the individual terpenes and profile of the plant.
  • We utilize a heated press to create both live rosin from bubble hash and also flower rosin from Symponia Farms grown cannabis. This rosin is typically vaporized and inhaled and is one of the most sought after products in the cannabis space.